I currently serve as a Deputy Majority Whip in the House and a member of the Economic Matters Committee. I also chair the Montgomery County Delegation’s Economic Development Committee

As a first-term legislator, I am humbled to be named “Legislator of the Year” by the Maryland Tech Council and awarded “Public Policy Leadership Award” from the Center for Nonprofit Advancement in 2020, and a “Legislative All Star” by the Maryland Retailers Association three years in a row. 

Bills Passed 

Since taking office in 2019, I’ve been working on making Maryland more competitive, inclusive and sustainable. Thanks to your advocacy and ideas, I have seen a dozen of my bills passed on a broad range of issues, including:

  • Creating a Maryland green bank and a clean energy accelerator (HB419)
  • Boosting Maryland manufacturing (“Making it in Maryland”) (HB658)
  • Growing bio and tech industries and jobs (HB514, HB521, HB654, HB987)
  • Removing barriers for small businesses (HB356, HB839)
  • Establishing the Governor’s Commission on LGBTQ Affairs (HB130)
  • Protecting homecare workers (HB652)
  • Establishing a mobile laundry pilot program for the homeless (HB189)
  • Fighting Employment Discrimination in State and Local Governments (HB257)

In addition, I have worked with the State Board of Elections to remove language barriers in voter registration for people with limited English proficiency. See BOE’s page for downloadable multilingual registration forms. 

Please see my 2021 End-of-Session Legislative Summary and 2022 End-of-Session Legislative Summary for details. Your input and ideas are always valued.


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