I serve on the House Economic Matters Committee with oversight on a broad range of industries including alcohol and tobacco, insurance (except health), banking, and public utilities. We ensure fair play in the marketplace, advance consumer protection and economic justice and facilitate economic opportunities.

I also chair the Montgomery County Delegation’s Economic Development Subcommittee.

As an immigrant and transplant, I know what makes our state and county special and attractive. That is why my legislative work focuses on building a vibrant economy and inclusive community—we must be both. Building on my past work, I introduced legislation in my first two sessions to support small businesses, entrepreneurship, and workforce development; advance clean energy innovation; and improve the wellbeing of LGBTQ communities, immigrants, and the most vulnerable among us.

Please see my legislative page on the Maryland General Assembly for the bills I introduced and co-sponsored, and my 2019 legislative highlights and 2020 legislative highlights. Your input and ideas are always welcomed.

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