Thank you for your support! Our campaign welcomes donations of any size. Please choose one of the options below.

How can I donate?

You can donate by sending your check to: 

Friends of Lily Qi
9710 Traville Gateway Dr., #148
Rockville, MD  20850

(please include your contact information)


Or click this button to:

Donate Online


When are you allowed to take donations?

Our campaign can take donations any time outside of my 90-day legislative session, which is each year between the second Wednesday of January and the second Monday of April. That means for 2022, I cannot take any political donations during Wednesday, Jan. 12th through Monday, April 11th. Donations mailed during that time will not be processed until after the end of the session.

What is the maximum amount I can donate?

You can donate to each campaign in Maryland up to $6,000 for each 4-year election cycle. We are currently in the 2019 to 2022 election cycle.

Are there any other rules and laws I should be aware of?

A donor must be either a U.S. citizen or permanent resident over the age of 18. You do not need to live in Maryland to donate.

What will your campaign do with the money?

Campaign funds are strictly regulated to be used for political campaign related purposes. My campaign uses the funds for a variety of campaign needs including hiring a campaign manager or field operator, website development, mailers (design, production and mailing costs), yard signs, and subscription to certain databases and services for voter outreach, etc. Modern campaigns are very expensive with escalating costs, so any contribution you can make is much appreciated. Funding makes a huge difference in our ability to reach more voters.