It is my honor to serve and represent you in Annapolis. Please let us know how we can help.

You can contact us for anything related to state and local government, including services and resources, legislative advocacy, my delegate scholarship for college students, and internship opportunities (see “For Students” page for details). My office has helped hundreds of constituents claim their unemployment insurance benefits as a result of the pandemic and solve other problems related to public utilities, small businesses, senior services, and pedestrian safety. 

The Maryland legislative sessions are 90 days each year from January to April, but our work is year-round serving our constituents. We welcome your ideas and advocacy any time to improve our laws and government. 

The Best Way to Reach Me

The best way to reach my office is by email at

Office Address

Delegate Lily Qi
Lowe House Office Building
6 Bladen St., Room 223
Annapolis, MD 21401

Office Phone

301-858-3090 or 410-841-3090

Office Email