Democracy favors those who participate.”

– Lily Qi

2022 Primary Election Day: July 19, 2022

The 2022 Gubernatorial Primary Election is on Tuesday, July 19. Early Voting is from July 7  to 14.

This year, we will elect the Governor, County Executive and all the state and county public offices. You can use this link to register to vote or request your mail-in ballot, or use the multilingual registration forms below.  

In 2020, I worked with the Maryland State Board of Elections to add multilingual voter registration forms for residents with limited English proficiency. You can now download the Voter Registration Application form with instructions in any of the following languages:

Don’t miss the all-important primary elections

In Maryland, only people who have registered with political parties can vote for candidates for political offices in the primary elections—called “closed primaries.” See my article from 2014, Make Your Vote Count: Register for a Political Party.

If you are an independent voter, I strongly encourage you to register for a political party. Otherwise, you can only vote for the non-partisan school board members in the Primary Elections. In Montgomery County, the Democratic Primary Elections has oversized impact on the final outcome of the General Elections. So, don’t wait until November! You can use this link to change your political party affiliation.

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For more questions, go to Montgomery County’s  Board of Elections’ website